Top 7 Critical Point Podcasts by Milliman

By Milliman MedInsight

22 October 2019

Practical Analytic Approaches to Healthcare Challenges

Critical Point

Critical Point is a podcast by Milliman, hosted by subject matter experts including actuaries, clinicians, technology specialists, and economists. These seven episodes take a deep dive into subject matters that affect the health and well-being of people across the world. Critical Point examines the inherent challenges and innovative solutions that Milliman consultants encounter throughout their daily work around healthcare, benefits, risk management, technology, investment consulting, insurance, and financial services.

Episode 1 – Healthcare Waste:

In this episode of Critical Point, Milliman MedInsight’s Dr. David Mirkin, Marcos Dachary, and Jackie Sehr discuss the history of healthcare waste, why identifying healthcare waste is so important, and how to identify low-value care.

Listen to Healthcare Waste

Episode 2 – Alternative Payment Models 101:

This episode of Critical Point includes a discussion from Milliman Senior Healthcare Consultant, Pamela Pelizzari on alternative payment methods, bundled payment, ACOs, and MACRA.

Listen to Alternative Payment Models 101

Episode 4 – A Primer on Telehealth in the U.S.:

In this episode of Critical Point, Milliman’s Senior Healthcare Management Consultant, Susan Philip discusses the history of telehealth, and how it encompasses access to quality care and convenience.

Listen to A Primer on Telehealth in the U.S.

Episode 7 – Diagnosing and Predicting Opioid Use Disorder:

In this episode of Critical Point, Milliman employees, Soddard Davenport and Joseph Boschert discuss their latest research on opioid use in the United States, including underdiagnoses and how advanced analytics can help predict whether a patient may develop opioid use disorder.

Listen to Diagnosing and Predicting Opiod Use Disorder

Episodes 3, 9, and 11 – Shea and Anders Talk Blockchain (Three-Part Series)

In this three-part series, Milliman team members, Shea Parkes and Anders Larson discuss blockchain and its insurance applications. Throughout this series, the two start by giving an overview of blockchain basics, and end with the insurance applications of blockchain.

Listen to Shea and Anders Talk Blockchain (Part 1)

Listen to Shea and Anders Talk Blockchain (Part 2)

Listen to Shea and Anders Talk Blockchain (Part 3)

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