Value-based care analytics for ACOs

Extend your analytics capability to identify care delivery, savings, and financial risk reduction opportunities with the MedInsight VBC platform.

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MedInsight Healthcare ACO Data Analytics

Who MedInsight VBC serves

Data Analysts

Data analysts

Support your team with an intuitive, flexible analytics, and reporting platform so you can explore aggregated payer data quickly that integrates with your SQL and business intelligence (BI) tools.

Data Scientists

Data scientists

Identify actionable insights that lead to improved care and lower cost with flexible analytics options that allow you to engage with aggregated payer claims data using R, Python, Scala, and SQL.

Financial Users

Financial users

Get visual reporting to view financial performance across contracts, manage network leakage, identify savings, streamline patient reconciliation, and reduce financial risk.

Information Consumers

Care managers

Identify care gaps and opportunities to right-size utilization, improve health outcomes, and increase savings while reducing low-value care, waste, and other costs.

MedInsight VBC platform



Identify quality of care improvements, savings opportunities, and ways to lower financial risk – and visually communicate them to stakeholders through the MedInsight VBC reporting interface.



Perform advanced, custom analysis on claims data that is aggregated across payers, enriched with groupers and metrics, and run through the MedInsight Data Confidence Model.

MedInsight VBC applications



View financial performance across contracts so you can analyze the likelihood of success by contract, set individual contract targets, and track performance over the year.



Apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to your data for better insights, faster; you can also access our Emerging Experience dataset via AI.



View all services provided to patients, streamline digital tools, and identify cost savings with the MedInsight VBC bundled payment reporting.

MedInsight VBC video overview

Trust your data and accurately price risk with MedInsight: relied on by over 300 payers and ACOs since 1997 to aggregate and enrich claims data with county-level benchmarks, risk adjusters, and groupers—all peer-reviewed as part of the MedInsight Data Confidence Model. Your data will be refreshed in days instead of weeks every month so you can identify insights that lead to improved health outcomes, lower cost, and reduced financial risk.

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Key capabilities for ACOs

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis

  • Analyze risk contract terms.
  • Understand areas of reduced revenue due to converting services from FFS to risk financials.
  • Set budgets and targets for savings.
  • Monitor progress.

Right-size utilization

  • Convert financial budgets and savings targets to utilization rates and unit cost requirements.
  • Identify areas of excess utilization and cost.
  • Develop targeted interventions to drive savings.
Patient Management

Patient management

  • Stratify and risk patients for targeted outreach by care coordinators.
  • Identify and close quality and risk coding gaps.
Physician Engagement

Physician engagement

  • Measure and report physician partner performance.
  • Evaluate the broader network of physician partners and non-partners.



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