Data Science Portal

Gain insights faster and eliminate data prepping

Do you want to spend less time prepping and more time analyzing data to identify new insights that minimize financial risk, reduce cost, and improve value-based care? Do you want an environment that gives your data analysts and scientists the ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly and flexibly?

Now you can quickly perform complex data modeling and analysis instead of collecting, cleaning and organizing an increasing amount of claims data from a multitude of sources with MedInsight’s AI application, the Data Science Portal (DSP).

MedInsight DSP is a cloud-based environment that offers access to your claims data and pre-packaged models so you can develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models that lead to better insights, faster. MedInsight DSP is ideal for current MedInsight customers that want to do more, or data scientists who need a platform that will let them go deeper and share their work more easily than they can today.

Key benefits

Timely Insights

Gain timely and deeper insights

Quickly identify utilization trends and other insights with the ability to run large, complex SQL and Python queries.

Big Data Sets

Handle big data sets

Efficiently build, deploy, and scale AI and ML on an increasing volume of data from multiple sources.

Faster Value

Get to value faster

Access pre-built ML models to speed your process and quickly troubleshoot data issues.

Speed to Market

Speed to market

Rely on provisioning, security, user creation, and data population managed by trusted experts at MedInsight.

Predictive Decision Making

Focus on the future

Leverage your data for predictive decision making vs. only making decisions based on historical data.

Reduce Resource Reliance

Reduce resource reliance

Achieve all of the above without taxing internal IT resources or outside developers.

Automate monthly and quarterly tasks

DSP provides an environment for current customers that want to create broader, automated SQL queries within Query Express (QE) instead of having to extract data for offline processing or living with QE’s limitations. QE can start your queries and DSP can then automate tasks monthly or quarterly depending on when your data is updated, enabling you to go deeper and identify new insights for improving patient outcomes while reducing cost and risk.

DSP as a white room for collaboration

If you are a data scientist and want to develop models faster, MedInsight DSP serves as a “white room” that enables access to the MedInsight Emerging Experience dataset—a claims data set of over 70 million lives—and to collaborate with MedInsight and others outside of your network without requiring access to your system. MedInsight will then troubleshoot your data if something looks wrong without needing to access your system or time-consuming email back-and-forth.

Implementation support is just the beginning

With MedInsight DSP, you get more than a powerful cloud-based platform to automate your queries and get you deeper into the data. You get support from the MedInsight team, whose decades of actuarial and healthcare analytics expertise converge to support the mission of improving value-based care with lower financial risk and cost.

Key features

Model and Project Management

Ability to manage models and projects

Document your work, facilitate reproducibility, and prompt collaboration with team members with notebook workflows and user-focused libraries.

Support Resources

Support resources

MedInsight provides training materials and consulting solutions to help ensure your organization’s success.

Machine Learning

Access to machine learning tools and programming languages

Make the best use of Python and R languages for your specific use case.

Databricks Storage

Databricks storage

Data stored in Databricks data lake to enable fast, efficient access.

Microsoft Azure

Hosted in Microsoft Azure

Elastically scale your processing needs.

Curated Data

Access to MedInsight curated data

Ability to retrain models on your data.

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