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To unlock the power in your data, you need to start with something very important: trust. We built MedInsight to deliver that trust—so you can answer questions, identify waste, improve patient health, and create new value.

We care about the same things you do. And we’re here for the long haul.

We didn’t just get here. We’ve helped over 300 healthcare organizations since we started in 1998. Our team proudly continues Milliman’s more than 75-year tradition of service to the healthcare industry.

We created MedInsight to help you rapidly learn and adapt by bridging the gap between cost management and care management with data warehousing, analytics, and benchmarks.

The MedInsight Ecosystem

Milliman MedInsight is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics.

MedInsight solutions have been adopted by over 300 health plans, employers, at-risk providers and ACOs, state governments, community health coalitions, and third-party administrators. MedInsight also offers standalone products that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations that can address specific business needs.

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