Employer Group Insights

Push beyond traditional group reporting with cloud-based analytic insight.

The challenge

A health plan’s clients expect user-friendly custom-tailored analytics, but executing these packages takes time, resources, and expertise.

  • Healthcare analytics are increasingly complex.
  • Current analytic tools focus on high-level, financial based observations and lack actionable insights.
  • Delivering meaningful, focused analytics involves leveraging limited analyst resources.

The solution

Employer Group Insights streamlines MedInsight’s robust data mart into packaged content to help you drive revenue growth and support retention.

  • Validate your value to employer clients through easy-to-understand metrics and Milliman’s comparative benchmarks.
  • Guided analytics steer you to the most valuable insights.
  • User-friendly interface does not demand an analyst skillset.
  • Assist your client reporting teams in support of group retention.
  • Decrease valuable time spent chasing down one-off reports.
  • Industry leading algorithms take you deeper than claims level observations.

Differentiate yourself by how you use data

Demonstrate your commitment to maximizing benefit spend to strengthen client relationships.


Monitor client trends

Easily track key indicators of plan performance to inform your clients about emerging clinical cohorts or utilization patterns.

Data Analysis

Leverage integrated analytics

Benefit from seamless integration of MedInsight proprietary analytics—presented to you where they will drive the most value.

Business Insight

Align to one source of truth

Drive client reporting and advanced analytics from the MedInsight data mart; aligning the healthplan, employer group clients, and brokers with a single source of truth for data.


Identify inefficiency

Data insights lead to solutions that will drive towards total cost of care optimization and treatment efficiency.

Advanced Workflow

Improve workflow

Core analyses do not need to be channeled through limited expert analyst resources.

Managed Services

Quantify your value

Measure the impact to your clients’ bottom line by tracking performance to industry benchmarks and quantifying savings.

Optimize your access to data-driven insights

These key features support easy access to your client insights.


Custom storyboards

The storyboards are the basis for delivering core measures of plan performance. These customizable templates allow you to consistently follow a central narrative at all of your client strategic engagements.

Digital Health

Special topics

Enhance regular reporting with deep dive analytics you select specifically for your client. Choose from clinical journeys, utilization optimization, provider focused reporting, and hot topics.

Data Aggregration

Dynamic Drill

Answer client questions in the moment, without the need for custom analyst-driven reports.


Comparative reports

Quickly generate custom key indicator comparisons within your population to identify outlier experience and potential targets for intervention.


Report creation and dissemination

Set-up a curated client report with The Report Scheduler and distribute to you and your key external partners at the frequency you determine.


Secure, provisioned logins

Employer Group Insights serves as a multi-party source of truth. You can enable access to clients as well as their third-party consultant consultants or brokers; while ensuring data security.

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Telling your story with Employer Group Insights

Consistently track key indicators

Your clients expect you to keep track of indicators of plan performance that are specific to them. The Leading Indicators grid can be customized with metrics that are reflective of what your client wants to see. Segment performance into three critical pillars–demographics, cost, and efficiency.

Example 1 Leading Indicators
Example 2 Benchmarks

Benchmark client performance to industry

MedInsight’s national benchmarks are integrated throughout Employer Group Insights interface. Observe your clients position relative to these benchmarks and the associated savings gap that exists, set targets for improvement, and recommend strategy that will help your client move along the spectrum. Segment this critical insight by service category–including inpatient, outpatient, professional, pharmacy, ancillary–and then explore the category your client is interested in or that you see has the greatest savings potential.

Classify inpatient opportunities

Inpatient services are the top component of spend for most employer groups. Identify how much efficiency opportunity exists within your population by evaluating total cost and utilization coming from re-admissions, potentially avoidable admissions, and services that could be re-directed to a less intense site of care.

Example 3 Inpatient
Example 4 Geographic Hot Spots

Identify geographic hot spots

Healthcare is a local resource and experts agree that where you live has considerable impact on your health and how you utilize healthcare. Patterns in emergent care utilization fluctuate significantly by geographic location and access to alternative care sites. Geographic hot spotting allows you to identify markets where access may be disadvantaged, or community utilization patterns are adverse.

Examine critical healthcare industry drivers

Rise to the challenge of unsure times by supporting your clients with COVID-19 reporting that is designed to be relevant to employer groups. Tracking cost and utilization on a monthly basis gives insight into the magnitude of claim suppression and reversion to normative levels. Look beyond the primary COVID diagnosis into comorbidities that might impact the future clinical needs of your population.

Example 5 Industry Hot Topics
Example 6 Cost Disease Progression

Quantify the cost of disease progression

Diabetes is the nation leading chronic condition. Demonstrate to your clients how important it is to invest in strategies that are targeted at halting diabetes disease progression by showing them how average cost exponentially increases as you compare non-diabetics, pre-diabetics, controlled and severe diabetics and consider solutions that target these specific sub-populations.

Spot outlier experience within your population

Dive beyond the surface of client experience by creating a comparative analysis to reveal outlier opportunity you may have missed if you only looked at aggregate performance. Segment the client population by a dimension of comparison that aligns with how your client is likely to implement strategic initiatives or could drive outcome variation–like geographic location.

Example 7 Compare Contrast
Example 8 Top Prospective Conditions

Anticipate future plan impact of high-cost claimants

Many high-cost claimants have ongoing clinical needs and will continue to drive significant cost in the future. Evaluate the future risk profile high-cost claimants by measuring the contribution to future risk by clinical condition. Ensure that you have the right clinical resources in place for their future needs and not just the current population needs.