Technology strategy consulting

Can't solve a particular problem in-house? We can help, a little or a lot. From basic implementation and training to fully customized solutions, we can help you get the most out of your data.


Our clients trust us because we’ve earned it.

We’ve been in this business longer than any of our competitors, helping more than 300 healthcare organizations since 1997.

In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for getting things right and not letting clients down. Nobody sees the big picture—or delves into the details—like we do.

Actionable analytics

Many organizations lack the time, expertise, or ability to leverage the insights provided by MedInsight’s solutions and standalone products. Our analytic consulting team can help by designing plans to realize cost savings and organizational improvement opportunities.

Education services

We’re expert trainers, not just for MedInsight but for healthcare data in general—from data fundamentals to advanced analyses based on specific use cases. We can help your people learn how to tell stories and make better decisions using data.

Analytic resource augmentation

Trained, experienced analysts are often expensive and in short supply. We can help you with staffing needs, both to help complete specific workloads and to share expertise on complex analytic projects.

Analytic maturity development

Most organizations are at different levels of analytic maturity in terms of how they generate, collect, and use data. Using gap analysis and roadmaps, we can help you develop a best-in-class analytic organization across people, processes, and technology.

Custom solutions

If you’re trying to solve a unique problem or apply data in a very specific way, we can help you take the capabilities of MedInsight even further. We have the data, technology, and subject-matter expertise to build custom solutions and configurations.

On-demand analysis

Need to answer a question or complete a project that’s beyond your in-house expertise? We have expert analysts and data-trained physicians across many subject-matter areas who can help with specific, immediate needs.