MedInsight Strategic Alliance Program

Achieve a competitive edge by integrating with MedInsight analytics and data to deliver high value information to customers.

The challenge

Differentiate your solutions in a crowded healthcare marketplace.

Your solutions have transformative potential—but their impact depends on getting to market faster, scaling rapidly, and standing out from competitors. The right alliance can boost the value and scalability of your offerings, so you can compete more effectively.

Join the ecosystem

Become a MedInsight Strategic Alliance Program member.

Whether you are looking for robust data, cutting-edge analytics, or go-to-market prowess, Milliman MedInsight can be your ally. Since the drivers of care, cost, and quality matter to your customers, MedInsight data, technology, and expertise could be decisive assets for your success.

MedInsight Strategic Alliances

What makes us different

Data Value

Trusted data

Gain access to the healthcare analytics and data trusted by payers, providers, and purchasers.

Accurate Benchmarks

Accurate benchmarks

Make comparisons using the industry’s most reliable benchmarks based on Milliman’s Health Cost Guidelines (HCGs).


Scalability, power, and efficiency

Tap into virtually unlimited, cloud-native computing and hosting capacity, scaling up and down to meet your real-time needs.

Consulting Expertise

Deep industry expertise

Build on our unparalleled healthcare data analytics and cloud innovation expertise, as well as our heavy investment in digital transformation.

Proven Value

Proven value

Use one of the solutions trusted by hundreds of payers, providers, purchasers, state governments, and multi-payer organizations.

Three reasons to join the MedInsight ecosystem



Augment your solutions with the industry’s most robust, flexible, and trusted healthcare analytics and data platforms, continuously improved since 1997.



Simplify success with an ally that is transparent, responsive, and easy to work with.



Join forces to change the status quo with a fellow thought leader who can help you apply data and analytics to business processes and workflows.

MedInsight Strategic Alliance Program options

Technology allies

We work closely with our core technology allies to innovate and further enable our cloud-based infrastructure. These relationships allow us to deliver impactful solutions that have a measurable impact on enterprise outcomes.

Strategic allies

Leverage MedInsight analytics, data, and insights, such as building on our core infrastructure, licensing MedInsight intellectual property, and building a new product as a joint venture. Go-to-market support will be provided as part of our alliance.