Step up your data-driven healthcare capabilities with the MedInsight Strategic Alliance Program

By Milliman MedInsight

28 August 2023

Improving the quality of patient care, after all, is the end game of everything we do at Milliman MedInsight. And while we bring decades of insight and experience to the effort, revolutionizing the future of healthcare is bigger than any single enterprise.

It will require an ecosystem of strategic and technology alliances.

That is a key driver behind the recent launch of the MedInsight Strategic Alliance Program, which brings together the powerful analytics and products of MedInsight with the work of other industry-leading organizations offering complimentary technology, consulting services, and specialized healthcare solutions. Additionally, MedInsight is eager to discover new opportunities where we can align with innovative organizations to jointly build and bring impactful solutions to market.

Reduce risk & increase patient care

The Strategic Alliance Program will help payers, providers, and ACOs reduce financial risk and costs and improve patient outcomes by further leveraging the MedInsight VBC Platform as a compliment to partner solutions.

“Our Alliance Program is designed to expand the reach of our data-driven insights and create an ecosystem of innovative alliances that support our customers in improving their outcomes and driving down costs,” said Milliman MedInsight CEO Kent Sacia.

“We are confident that this program will help transform the healthcare industry and improve the lives of countless patients,” Sacia added.

An alliance of opportunities

Alliance members can offer MedInsight solutions to their clients to complement their workflows, improve their analysis, and take advantage of MedInsight’s expertise. MedInsight’s data aggregation, confidence modeling, and data enrichment capabilities can be leveraged into existing workflows and processes to lower risk, reduce cost, and create value.

The growing array of MedInsight tools and capabilities alliance members can use to expand their reach and value for their clients includes:

  • Licensed IP including groupers, benchmarking tools, and health waste calculator
  • Data analytics as a service
  • Data Science Platform with emerging solutions for machine learning, AI development, and a collaborative, scalable platform
  • Data as a service
  • The MedInsight Data Confidence Model for cleaning and formatting data

It is an ecosystem that will encompass a wide range of organizations offering healthcare innovations, from EMR providers to IT vendors and consultancies, to groups serving at-risk populations. The list of organizations already leveraging MedInsight industry experience and analytics expertise as alliance members include Microsoft, Databricks, Epic, and MCG Health, among others.

Get started today

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from this unique collaborative program, speak with a member of the MedInsight Strategic Alliances team.

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