Maximizing your Azure investment with (Azure benefit eligible) Milliman MedInsight

By Holly Moore

8 March 2024

In the era of cloud transformation, businesses worldwide are entrusting Microsoft Azure as their primary cloud provider. Learn how Milliman MedInsight has worked with Microsoft Azure to empower healthcare entities to optimize their cloud investments.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, leading companies are embracing the cloud to securely and efficiently manage their business operations. Microsoft Azure stands at the forefront, serving as the primary cloud provider for many of the world’s most innovative enterprises. Most organizations on the Azure cloud sign a multi-year financial agreement with Microsoft, known as a “Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment” or MACC.

MACC is a flexible enterprise contract that is billed monthly and designed to ensure that customers get the best pricing and benefits from their Azure investment. Incentives for buying through the MACC program include:

  • Azure procurement without having to make a large upfront payment
  • Azure commitment discounts
  • Service-level discounts
  • Azure credits and Microsoft funded consulting services

However, business uncertainty can make multi-year usage projections challenging. This can lead to organizations underutilizing their Azure capacity, while still being responsible for the full cost of the MACC.

To address this concern, Microsoft has enabled clients that are underutilizing their Azure capacity to allocate their Azure credits towards Azure benefit-eligible software available through the Marketplace, and the costs count towards a MACC. Initially limited to Microsoft software, this offering has recently been expanded to include Azure-based third-partner software, including Milliman MedInsight.

Milliman MedInsight is among a select group of third-party solutions that is Azure benefit-eligible. This means that you can now purchase our industry leading software through the Azure Marketplace as part of your licensing agreement with MedInsight.

By choosing MedInsight to modernize your enterprise data management and make data-driven decisions with confidence, 100% of the purchase can now be applied to your MACC.

In this way clients can maximize the return on both their Azure and data analytics infrastructure investments.

Currently, the MedInsight Payer and VBC Platforms are highlighted on the Azure Marketplace. However, all MedInsight analytic platforms and products are Azure benefit-eligible, including the MedInsight Data Science Portal, the Health Waste Calculator, and the Health Cost Guidelines (HCG) Grouper & MedInsight Benchmarks Package.

Discover Milliman MedInsight software on the Azure Marketplace:

Elevate your cloud journey with Milliman MedInsight and Microsoft Azure, and watch as your investments reach new heights!

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