How to ensure effective & agile healthcare decision-making

By Milliman MedInsight

30 August 2023

Between what’s publicly available and what your organization has captured, there’s no shortage of healthcare data – but is it current? Can you trust it? Can you identify conclusions and trends within it?

Most importantly, can you make meaningful decisions and take impactful actions with confidence based on your healthcare data?

Making more timely, well-informed decisions with accurate healthcare data you can trust will significantly help reduce medical and financial risks and help ensure better outcomes for patients, providers and payers.

Doing so may sound good, but how can you achieve this without it costing a fortune and taking years to implement?

Building a center of excellence

Transforming your analytic processes into a system of converting healthcare data into meaningful, actionable insights is made easier when you create a Healthcare Data Analytics Center of Excellence.

The Medinsight whitepaper, How to create a data analytics center of excellence in healthcare, outlines best practices for doing so – regardless of your organization’s size, goals, or the depth of your current analytics team.

Highlights of the whitepaper include:

  • What Is an Analytics Center of Excellence?
  • 6 Needs of Healthcare Entities that an Analytics Center of Excellence Can Deliver
  • Building Your Analytics Center of Excellence Team
  • Training for Excellence
  • Making Use of the Right Tools and Data Sets
  • Setting Goals & Measuring Progress
  • Using Analytics to Tell a Story
  • Key Benefits of Your Analytics Center of Excellence
  • The Don’ts: The Risks of Getting It Wrong
  • How to Think About Budget
  • Building Your Analytics Center of Excellence Step by Step

How can medinsight help you?

While we hope you find the whitepaper informative and useful, contact us to speak with one of our healthcare data analytics experts to see learn how we can facilitate your center of excellence creation, or at least help you ensure your data is up-to-date and accurate so you can make better decisions.

Contact us to learn more about healthcare data analytics solutions. Email Marcos Dachary at to get in touch.

Download the center of excellence whitepaper