How the pandemic sparked a digital transformation in healthcare data analytics

By MedInsight

26 September 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized the way healthcare organizations transform data into timely information, reporting and decision-making.

When the pandemic first hit, the general approach to healthcare data analytics was lacking: critical data could not be accessed in real-time nor made available to other healthcare providers, policymakers and the public. For example, ICU bed utilization was not accurately communicated. While the quest for faster, better data analytics systems existed far before COVID-19, the pandemic turned aspiration to need.

How can healthcare providers and payers transform their wealth of data into meaningful insights that drive better decision-making and patient outcomes? The right technology, and people to implement it within your culture, is key.

The meaning of “timeliness” during a global pandemic

The pandemic forced the healthcare industry to radically change its data processing infrastructure. Healthcare organizations no longer had the luxury of taking 30 days to process data – the pandemic required daily and hourly reporting.

So, how do we make healthcare data consumable and timely?

Leveraging the cloud and digitally transforming how healthcare data analytics are collected, analyzed and reported on are crucial to transforming the healthcare system itself so that it can improve patient outcomes during a pandemic and in “normal” times.

Empower your data scientists

MedInsight’s suite of healthcare data analytics software empowers your data science teams to accelerate data streams, develop referential datasets to train models, and expedite the analysis and reporting of critical healthcare data.

Our solutions operate within your existing data systems, helping to:

  • Benchmark cost and utilization
  • Group population health
  • Measure inpatient efficiency
  • Identify low-value care
  • Provide modeling for predictive risks
  • Measure provider efficiency

Aggregating and consolidating core healthcare data analytics allows organizations across the entire industry to better serve their communities while optimizing the function, productivity and profitability of their organization. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for better access to crucial health data.

At MedInsight, we provide healthcare payers and providers with cloud-based healthcare data analytics software and expertise to make the cultural shift. Thousands of engineering hours spent prior to the pandemic now make real-time information possible for improved downstream analysis, decision-making and patient outcomes.

An experienced partner to digitally transform healthcare data into information

MedInsight’s team has decades of experience working with healthcare organizations of all sizes and types; we understand the nuances of your business, the problems you face, and the solutions you need to transform healthcare data into real-time information.

With a suite of industry solutions providing cutting-edge data analytics processes, we can assist you in streamlining workflows for faster, smarter analytics as well as to help evaluate how pandemic-spurred innovations in telehealth and virtual office visits impact quality of care and costs over time.

Speak to one of our healthcare data analytics experts to learn how you can take advantage of a digital transformation.

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