Diabetes prevalence, cost, and healthcare resource utilization trend in the U.S.

By Richa Nagpal and Leena Laloo

With the prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. forecast to increase 54% by 2030 and patients with diabetes living longer as the result of improved disease management, the healthcare system must grapple with the increased cost of care associated with this condition.

Using MedInsight’s CCHG (Chronic Condition Hierarchical Grouper), this study provides a glimpse into the rising healthcare resource utilization attributable to diabetes. By analyzing a 131-million member database of claims from U.S. health plans from 2017-2021, the authors were able to identify key cost drivers across population groups.

Key takeaways:
  • Almost 42% of members in the population were between ages 36 and 64, and 8% were older than age 65
  • Out of the total healthcare costs of approximately $413 billion in 2021, members with diabetes contributed approximately $28 billion, or 7%
Diabetes Prevalence, Cost, and Resource Utilization Whitepaper