How EHR workflows impact clinician experience, patient care, and profitability

What are your workflow interoperability pain points? Remarkably, 98% of clinicians say their ability to provide the best patient care and receive timely reimbursement is hampered because they can’t easily access patient-specific recommendations.

It all comes down to workflow interoperability. EHRs weren’t built to be simple, and clinicians simply don’t have the time at the point of care to find the valuable information that’s outside of their EHRs to make decisions.

Insiteflow’s EHR Decision Workflow SaaS platform works with third-party solutions to surface the most essential patient-specific recommendations directly into EHR workflows so they’re seen and used to make informed decisions at the point of care and key decision points.

The result? Better clinical outcomes, accurate coding and improved financial results.

MedInsight’s Chief Product Officer, Rich Moyer, joins Insiteflow for this informational webinar about the most common EHR pain points and why “workflow interoperability” is transforming healthcare.

Download Insiteflow’s full research paper here.