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Milliman MedInsight launches new machine-learning product: MedInsight Conditions to Consider

Seattle July 24, 2019 MedInsight, Milliman, Inc.’s highly regarded platform for data warehousing and healthcare analytics, has launched a new machinelearning product, MedInsight Conditions to Consider, which uses collaborative filtering to highlight patterns in diagnoses.

Many online retailers use collaborative filtering to help customers identify products that might be of interest to them. Collaborative filtering models work by analyzing purchase histories for other customers to generate new product suggestions. Conditions to Consider uses the same collaborative filtering models to identify potentially missing conditions in a patient’s medical record. It estimates patient similarity using a mix of a patient’s clinical, prescription, and demographic data.

Conditions to Consider features dashboards focused on presenting both population and patientlevel insights. A financial dashboard provides a view of the total potential risk score change for a population and identifies the key indicators of the predicted medical coding opportunity. A separate point of care dashboard allows office staff to generate a patientspecific report of conditions for evaluation during an office visit that can be included with a patient’s chart.

Accurate coding has become increasingly important in riskbased arrangements to ensure appropriate measurement of patient morbidity. Conditions to Consider helps us to improve coding accuracy by identifying conditions that may be appropriate to consider when evaluating a member,” Sarah Moore, a senior product manager who helped lead the development of the new product said. The advanced machinelearning analytics in this new product can solve a variety of business challenges facing care managers today.

Conditions to Consider can be integrated into the new MedInsight Solutions or implemented as a standalone product. Both payers and providers/ACOs will find value from this product and its sophisticated machine learning analytics.

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Milliman MedInsight is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics. MedInsight Solutions have been adopted by over 300 health plans, employers, atrisk providers/ACOs, state governments, community health coalitions, and third party administrators. Additionally, MedInsight has standalone Products that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations that can address specific business needs.

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