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Milliman MedInsight teams up with Databricks for faster, efficient data processing

Seattle, WA – July 27, 2023 – Milliman MedInsight, a leading provider of healthcare data and analytics, is proud to highlight its strategic alliance with Databricks, which offers an open and unified platform for data and AI. The technology alliance with Databricks allows MedInsight to process and transform data in the cloud in a way that would not be otherwise possible.

“Databrick’s underlying architecture has allowed us to rapidly drive innovation and deliver new products to the market,” says Scott Ponder, VP Strategic Business Development at MedInsight. “As we further integrate advanced technologies into our product ecosystem it is critical that we have a technical foundation we can rely on. Databricks’ unique and scalable approach to data management through the Databricks Lakehouse is a key component of our product strategy moving forward.”

Databricks enables MedInsight’s newest product, Data Science Portal, which streamlines analytical processes and delivers faster recurrent reports.

“The MedInsight Data Science Portal helps our clients cut through the noise and answer more questions with enhanced data and analytical models,” said Iyibo Jack, Executive Vice President of Product Development at MedInsight. “Facilitated through a workspace in the Lakehouse, we’ve created a culture of efficiency and productivity that has empowered our citizen developers like never before.”

This alliance is a direct result of MedInsight’s new Strategic Alliance Program, which focuses on pursuing technology alliances like the one with Databricks, as well as alliances with other healthcare technology companies.

“Milliman MedInsight is a trusted leader in healthcare analytics,” says Mike Sanky, Global Industry Lead at Databricks. “As healthcare organizations undergo digital transformation, MedInsight is helping their customers harness the power of data and AI. MedInsight is providing scalable and secure data solutions like the Data Science Portal, built on the Databricks Lakehouse. The Data Science Portal enables providers and payers alike with the ability to derive actionable insights, improve patient care, and achieve operational excellence faster.”

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