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Milliman MedInsight launches new MedInsight Payer Solution

Seattle February 22, 2019 MedInsight, Milliman, Inc.’s highly regarded platform for data warehousing and healthcare analytics, recently launched the newest release of its flagship product: the MedInsight Solutions. Recognizing that different types of users have different needs and priorities, the new MedInsight Solutions offer custom tailored versions of the MedInsight platform.

The transformation of MedInsight into usercentric versions begins with the MedInsight Payer Solution, which offers a brand new navigation with a custom homepage for payer clients. The new MedInsight Payer Solution homepage is designed to meet payer specific business challenges, built on the powerful analytics and data processing capabilities that have made more than 300 organizations choose MedInsight as their core analytic platform.

The MedInsight Solutions represent a leap forward in the world of healthcare analytics with new clientcentric interfaces, customizable dashboards, advanced graphing libraries, industry leading query tools, and a comprehensive online knowledgebase.

Through its new homepage, the MedInsight Payer Solution serves up the analytics that best meet the needs of the payer segment through intuitive user interfaces. For example, users can access prebuilt content that responds to the data and analytic needs of payers such as comprehensive cost and utilization analyses and benchmarking to support performance assessment. This new approach puts the information organizations need to manage their business front and center moving away from a onesizefitsmost approach to an environment optimized to the needs of the user.

“This new version of the MedInsight Solutions incorporate new technologies coupled with a brand new homepage and navigation that enable us to tailor MedInsight to payers,” Rich Moyer, MedInsight’s Chief Product Officer said. “We’re excited to present this new version to our clients and market, as we expect this to be a huge leap forward for our product and healthcare analytics.”

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Milliman MedInsight is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics. MedInsight Solutions have been adopted by over 300 health plans, employers, atrisk providers/ACOs, state governments, community health coalitions, and third party administrators. Additionally, MedInsight has standalone Products that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations that can address specific business needs.

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