MedInsight Payer

Healthcare data analytics software for payers

Learn how to leverage MedInsight Payer so you can trust your data, apply industry-leading benchmarks, eliminate data entry, and establish an analytics center of excellence.

This is how MedInsight enables you to quickly gain the insights you need to make recommendations that will improve healthcare for all—along with the business of insuring it.

Why MedInsight Payer?

MedInsight Payer data analytics software is intuitive, customizable, integrates with hundreds of EMR systems, and designed to turn sophisticated queries into answers you can use to tell compelling data-driven stories.

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Speak with a payer analytics expert today – you can also request an assessment of your claims data, processes, and the impact MedInsight Payer can have for you:


Develop a payer center of excellence

This ebook outlines best practices for doing so, no matter your size, goals, or the size of your internal analytics team. We’ll walk you through the process of setting goals, building a team, and measuring your success.

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Navigating the hurricane of healthcare data

Learn how health plans can transform disparate data into insights that drive value-based care, improve member outcomes, and increase competitiveness.

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