MedInsight VBC

Healthcare data analytics software for ACOs

ACOs often struggle with transforming data—that you can trust—into insights that can manage risk contracts and improve patient and population health – without having to hire 30 people to do so.

Now you can extend your analytics capability to identify care delivery, savings, and financial risk reduction opportunities with the MedInsight Value-Based Care (VBC) platform.

Why MedInsight VBC?

MedInsight VBC enables you can aggregate data from a multitude of sources, instill trust in your staff to use it, and transform that data into insights that can be used to improve patient outcomes and organizational performance.

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Speak with an ACO analytics expert today – you can also request an assessment of your claims data, processes, and the impact MedInsight VBC can have for you:

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Leading the way in value-based care: Best practices for mitigating risk

The shift to VBC is driving demand for greater collaboration around data sharing between doctor groups, hospitals, and other healthcare providers so they can close healthcare gaps and produce better outcomes.

In this ebook, learn how your organization can make data-driven decisions to achieve the optimal balance between right-sized utilization and high-quality care in order to succeed in your VBC initiatives.

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Develop an ACO VBC Center of Excellence

This ebook outlines best practices for doing so, no matter your size, goals, or the size of your internal analytics team. We’ll walk you through the process of setting goals, building a team, and measuring your success.

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